Women, stop vacuuming your vagina!

SEATTLE – US nurse through Twitter warns women not to use vacuum cleaners for premature menstruation. In one week, she had experienced up to two cases of admission to this practice. According to the gynecologist, the result may be a lot of damage and no benefit.

Every woman knows how menstruation can be unpleasant. However, it is not necessary to go to extremes, as two female patients hospitalized in a Washington state hospital did. According to the nurse, they used a vacuum cleaner to suck blood from the uterus and prematurely stop bleeding. “You’ll suck a lot more than your menstrual blood,” says the nurse on Twitter.
It may sound bizarre, but there are even forums where women are advised to get rid of menstrual blood. The essence lies in the blood sucking through the uterine neck. This practice also serves as an abortion tool in countries where it is illegal. It first appeared around 1970 when Lorraine Rothman, a women’s rights activist, proposed a method of draining menstrual blood as an abortion method. However, no vacuum cleaner is used, but a special device called Del-Em. It is made up of several thin tubes, a pump and a bottle.

 But doctors say none of the blood withdrawal practices is right. There is a risk of infection or puncture of the uterus. “It’s very dangerous in many ways. It’s a bizarre concept that doesn’t work, but it can cause serious damage,” said London gynecologist Shazia Malik.

In addition, a nurse in her twitter post added that none of the women had taken a strong menstruation by sucking their blood. “Instead, they both ended up in shock,” she wrote. In her words, this sucking will speed up the flow of menstrual blood many times and the body logically falls into shock

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