Which cosmetics to take on vacation

Packing on holiday is a tricky nut for us. We always carry lots of everything with us, especially cosmetics. However, it is not necessary to pack the entire bathroom cabinet. Choose small and multifunctional products. Below you will find an inspirational mini-size “on board” that means up to 100 milliliters.

Holiday cosmetic equipment required

Whether you are recovering in the Czech Republic or by the sea, you should not miss a high quality sunscreen with sufficient UV factor. Exaggerate in this case with the amount “sunscreen”. Get a standard size. You certainly do not want a painful and unhealthy burn.

Next, apply day, eye, and night cream to your face. It’s also worth taking your skin serum for maximum creaminess. Do not forget the make-up product, tonic, body lotion, you can also adjust regenerating oils, refreshing thermal water in spray, cotton swabs, paper file, for exposure to sunlight.

Do not forget the intimate emulsion

That’s very important. Swimming in a pond or in the sea disturbs the natural balance of the microflora. By using products for intimate areas protect the acidic skin from pathogenic microorganisms.

If you do not want to spend money unnecessarily, look for a set of empty trays for travel. You can remove your favorite cosmetics traveling with you. Each container complies with the airport regulations for trouble-free travel.

Your perfume may not be exposed to the negative effects of air.

The perfume sprayer will also be useful. It is specially adapted for each perfume and will be filled in seconds. You can have your favorite fragrance with you everywhere and you do not have to deal with size and weight.

Be beautiful on vacation

If you need to add decorative cosmetics, wrap only a BB / CC cream that will unify the skin in a natural shade but not clog it. Then only mascara, bronzer and lip gloss / toning lip balm, lipstick.

Be not only nice to yourself, but treat yourself to the facial skin with a minimum of make-up.

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