What is your director?

It is important for the director to understand the interests and priorities of their employees, what they are leading and what goals they want to achieve. More specifically, when performing tasks, the employee will achieve the result not only for the organization but also for himself.

To some extent, this is true, because competitive wage is a key element of motivation for employee retention. If employees have a perspective and specific goals for professional development, a working process, and work for evaluations in a way that is consistent with the amount and quality of the work done, we can expect long-term, high-quality work. After obtaining employee groups, it is necessary to determine the order of importance of motivation factors for similarly motivated employees.

Fair financial remuneration – the employee will work better if he / she sees that each employee’s remuneration is proportionate to the actual performance, quality and overall benefits. Work Stress – Many employees are demotivating because they cause tension, nervousness, reduce concentration and thus work performance, but for many, it is a driving force that increases work performance and pushes them forward, a working environment – a quality and pleasant work environment which eliminates potential sources of negative impact on employees, creates the prerequisites for positive attitudes of employees to work and business (not an immediate motivating factor for growth in work performance)

Work Enterprise – The task of organizational work is primarily to define and manage the effectiveness of work continuity; to reveal factors that significantly influence the level of work motivation. In the analysis of the business environment, it is possible to use a personal audit method, which may also include an analysis of the motivational environment of the company. Therefore, when applying incentive schemes, it is necessary to realize the great individual variability of the current incentive profile in each business, including the necessity of continually updating the motivation system.

She says that for each activity one can experience both motivation – both external and internal. So not only survive but also live. Conduct a motivational interview, ask appropriate questions and understand what a team member is saying to your motivation – or “forget everything you learned and ask.”

People should contribute to their work and to the result that they internally endorse, which makes sense, is properly communicated, and the company has common values ​​as a person. His motivation is gradually decreasing and, of course, you can lose that person. H1: We assume that performance motivation will be statistically significantly higher for managers than.

Employee motivation and thus enable to contribute to the creation of a coherence between his / her workplace He / she understands the objectives of the company as his / her own and thus does not contradict the personal and corporate ones. The calves representing the internal driving forces of man’s activities that guide his cognition,

According to Ďurič, the need is characterized as a lack of something that is necessary for the individual’s life. According to M. Zelina, activity in the educational process is also a manifestation of the human life force, which is reflected in the aims of the educational process. A hypothetical construct, a term used to explain why people act as they do.

The notion of motivation is derived from the Latin word “movare, which means moving, moving.” It denotes everything that causes a certain activity, a certain human behavior. In business practice, it is necessary to obtain information about employees’ opinions on the importance of motivation factors and, at the same time, the degree of their job satisfaction with their implementation.

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