Traveling to the future is just a matter of money

The time travel in the fiction has occurred since at least 1895, but according to the world renowned physicist Carlo Rovelli, time jumps to the future are fully feasible also in reality.

“If you travel very fast in a spaceship, or travel to a very heavy star or a black hole, then a week for you can be far into the future for the rest of the earth,” says Carlo Rovelli.

Ever since H.G. Wells wrote Time Machine 1895, time travel has been a popular concept in fiction. Famous examples, of course, are back to the future films, the terminator suite, and recently the Avengers Endgame.

Time travel, through a wormhole, a kind of three-part shortcut through space time, is a central part of the series’ plot. Real time travel then? According to the Italian physicist, Carlo Rovelli, specialist in quantum gravity – and author of a book about just time – time hopping is fully feasible, at least in one direction.

All that is required for a single voyage to the future is thus a sufficiently advanced space ship, which returns from Earth return fast enough, a few days on the spacecraft can correspond to a millennium on earth.

Which is exactly what Charlton Heston’s main character experiences in the first Apan’s planet movie. He goes to what he thinks is an alien planet, only in a classic film dispute, discovering that he actually crashed on the earth in a distant future. The same concept, but with somewhat higher scientific ambitions, was used in Interstellar from 2014. In that film, Nobel laureate Kip Thorne was hired to make the time travel through a wormhole more credible.

Back in time

The difficulty of changing their own destiny is well known to anyone who has taken note of the myth of King Oidipus, or, for that matter, the De12 monkeys’ arms, or the first season of Dark.

The prospects for practically feasible time trips back in time, therefore, look small. But through popular culture we will continue to try within the foreseeable future.

Meet yourself

But this about going back in time to change the future and, for example, meet yourself, or kill yourself, how credible is it really?Jumping back in time is more complicated. But it is not logically impossible. Would I be able to go back and meet myself as a young man, yes why not. This seems to create a paradox, what if I kill myself?

You don’t, Carlo Rovelli replies, laughs and continues to explain why it doesn’t go:What can happen in the universe is just consistent things. We believe that we are free to choose what we want, but we are not. All decisions we make are based on what happens in our head, what happens around us and nature laws, explains Carlo Rovelli.

Traveling to the past: logically possible but practically impossible, to travel to the future definitely possible and just a matter of money, concludes Carlo Rovelli.

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