The lovers started med active meditation

Meditation benefits both mentally and physically, but in today’s hurried times, not everyone can afford to devote herself to half an hour a day as she calls for a traditional ritual. The lovers are in the trend of active meditation. It’s faster, easier, and maybe even interesting to you.

What do you think of active meditation? It is a method of rest that understands the busy and busy person. You don’t have to spend several tens of minutes a day in a special sitting position and total peace of mind. Such conditions are not easily achievable for most of us.

Active meditation is a great way to bring some peace to a busy day. It consists in focusing on your own body during daily activities such as brushing your teeth, showering or taking a bus. In addition to the busy ones, those who have trouble sitting in one place for a long time will appreciate it and the traditional way of meditating is too long.

Why choose active meditation?

Active meditation was first invented in 1990. Its founder Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh came to the conclusion that the time in which society lives changed. Therefore, traditional yoga methods need to be adapted to work in the modern world. The main goal of active meditation is to calm thoughts and draw attention to the heart and stomach.

One of the main benefits of active meditation is its modesty. You do not need special rooms, mentors or time. You can do it almost anywhere, anytime. It’s simple, fast and independent of the environment. It also wins its place in the limelight. The busy and demanding lovers, who love to listen to themselves and their needs, love it precisely because they obey them.

How is active meditation different from the usual one?

While traditional meditation tries to keep you in the mind and mind, active meditation focuses on your body. But she also needs some attention. It is not possible to practice it accidentally, it might not work, so you have to stop occasionally to meditate actively. He asks you to let go of your mind and focus on being. They thought of their bodies. They felt how it worked.

Just stopping and noticing the functioning of ordinary activities will help you meditate. For example, dancing, walking in the woods or knitting can be a meditative activity. It is important that you focus fully on the activity and leave everything else behind.

How often do you meditate?

You say the more you are employed, the more you should meditate. But to get results, you need to spend at least ten minutes a day with active meditation. We have tried and the truth is that if you are very thoughtful and your mind struggles with distraction, active meditation will not be easy for you. However, it is worthwhile to check all the benefits.

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