The best dress for this summer

Summer is already around, and it’s high time to set up a new wardrobe for hot days. Light clothes are an absolute must. You will find a wealth of them. From short to long, monochrome or with wild exotic motifs, copies female curves or boho-lose cuts. The offer is really varied, inspiring and enjoying the most popular season of the year.

Another hit was the dress made of lightweight materials like satin. These are usually decorated with oriental motifs. Floral print remains very popular. In addition to meadow flowers are also exotic flowers. Retreat reports patterns of wild animals and replaces them with natural sounds reminiscent of the safari style. The materials are a beautiful flax, luxurious satin or favorite cotton.

The biggest trends among the dresses
Shirts of shirts will cut this year. Mostly models are at the top, which remind of a classic shirt. But there are also dresses that adorn the buttons along the entire length. They can have long, medium and short sleeves, but there are also sleeveless variants that are best for summer days.

Dress in negligee style
Sleepwear-inspired clothing has been in the collection for a long time. It is characterized by a slightly shiny fabric, usually made of silk, and a lace decoration. Clothes and tops have thin ties. Although they are extremely beautiful pieces, women avoid them. The reason is that they do not want to look like they forgot to change their pajamas. It’s a shame, because the negligee-style style is not only beautiful, flattering, but also extremely comfortable.

Fashion tip: Negligee dresses can be combined with elegant slippers without heels. With a satin dress and a well-fitting jacket, you can create an elegant outfit. Do not forget the unmistakable jewelry. They give a minimalist model a fashionable trademark.

What is to be considered?
If you have thicker thighs that “adorn” cellulite, be sure to forget the abbreviations. The ideal length is just above the knee and longer. They, who have beautifully shaped feet, are not afraid to show them in a neat dress with slits. Women with a small figure would do well to pull themselves over their knees. Midi lengths in centimeters. But if you love the midi version, always choose the heel shoes.

Ladies with voluptuous breasts flatter their V-neck dresses with a round neckline. Pay attention to the trends of deep crossing, with extremely lush baits it looks funny. If you need to wear a bra under your clothing, choose the models that you do not see underwear on. Always pay attention to the right size. Do not tear into smaller pieces. In short, be sensible!

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