Remarkable and hidden from the sun.

Hats made of natural materials of all shapes and sizes this year. If you do not have one yet, quickly choose one in which to decorate garden parties and beaches.

There is no doubt that you need to protect yourself from the sun during the summer. But that could be great, maybe you did not know. Get a straw hat that you absolutely must have this year.

Straw hat on the beach
Whether you opt for a retro version like the Old Men on the Hops or a Hollywood-style roof for the 1970s, it’s going to be a great ride.

The hit are unclad edges that look casual and fit with both the colorful maxi dress and shorts and undershirt outdoors. Do not forget accessories made of natural materials such as pearls, earrings and bracelets as well as a wicker handbag or a cupcake.

Natural materials make it safe in the summer !

Also sweet and practical are the upturned ankles worn by timeless top model Marianne Anderson on the beach: ” Whatever option you choose, hold your hat in place when blowing, or take a boat trip. He could fly you and it would be great! “

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