Proven! Our brain lurks us to perceive our own body

As far as self-esteem is concerned, our brain is really awful. A certain study has shown that we do not see our body as it really is.

You are wrong!

You often go to a training studio, eat a lot of fruit and deny yourself the sweet – looking at the mirror do you feel good and feel that you have the first successes? You are wrong! Our brain always lurks us when we look at each other in the mirror. It was found by the authors of the Australian study. Our own body image is always disturbed, so we often see it narrower than we are.

We judge the body with memories

We rate our own body with memories of times when we were bolder or narrower. Of course, this is a problem, if we have taken it, we still see it as inclined as before. In such a case, we tend to forget about healthy lifestyle, relax and enjoy a little sweetness every day.

173 female pictures

93 young women attended the University of Western Australia study. Their task was to see 173 images of different female bodies. After each participant, the dam was considered “bodyline” by the lady. It is a scale where overweight and underweight are evaluated. It turned out that the women’s grades in the pictures were due to the previous photograph. If the participants looked at the image of a woman of normal weight, they also evaluated the following obese woman as a woman of normal weight.

Live healthy and move!

But this is also true in the opposite guard. If we have been overweight for a long time, we will be perceived as obesity later when we manage to lose weight. Unfortunately, researchers still do not see a solution to this erroneous view. Keep a healthy lifestyle, sports and do nothing!

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