Physical activity decreases cardiovascular disease by up to 50 percent

The movement should be “very effective” for people over the age of 65 to avoid heart disease. And the more he is, the better.

The Finnish National Study confirmed that physical activity, regardless of age, is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It’s not just about running, it’s also useful for everyday physical activity. Of course, it must be adapted to the individual’s health.

“The protective effect of physical activity is dose dependent, in other words the more it is the better. Such activities also have a protective effect when other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol, are present,” says Finnish geriatrician Riitta Antikainen at Oulu University . “Physical activity can be a real challenge, which makes it important to cultivate enough exercise to be healthy.”

2500 student participants observed more than 12 in 2013. The number of deaths and their causes was also at the center of attention.

Scientists redistributed physical activity levels to low (read, watch TV or read homework), medium (walking, cycling, gardening at least 4 hours per week) and loud (running, skiing, gymnastics, swimming, heavy gardening and intensive sports training at least three hours per week)

The movement is healthy – this is already a well-known information. But often these positive benefits of exercise in older age are forgotten. A new study from Finland has shown that unsporting from the age of 65 is even dangerous. Physical activity reduces heart disease by up to 50 percent.