Our Yummy Onion Love

This one's for you Lord Van De Kamp!

My love for you is like the most yummy onion,
Your face reminds me of yummy butterflies,
Together, we are like sandwiches and balsamic vinegar.

Oh darling Carla,
My yummy onion,
My yummy potato,
The perfect companion to my sandwiches soul.

Roses are red,
Skies are blue,
I like spaghetti shaped like space rockets,
But not as much as I love complaining with you!

Oh darling Carla,
Your thighs are like stupid torches on a summer day,
You're like the most ugly barmaid to ever walk my office.

Your yummy butterflie face,
Your balsamic vinegar soul,
Your stupid thighs,
Your ugly barmaid being...

How could I look at another when our yummy onion love is so strong?

I love you Lord Van De Kamp!