Is there a tablet for longevity?

A miracle pill that can prolong life. Some scientists believe that this is not a science fiction, but a reality. While this invention, hidden in a small capsule, is meant to only help diabetic patients, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on life expectancy.

Is Diabetes Cure a Youth Potion?

Israel Researcher, Dr. Nir Barzilai has been working on aging research during his career. He spent most of his time in the last three decades researching a medicine called metformin. Said medication helps diabetic patients to return their sugar levels to normal. Its special effect is to reduce the amount of sugar the body receives from food.

The origin of the drug is in a plant called Lilac, which was used to suppress the symptoms of diabetes at times when doctors had almost no knowledge of the disease. Thanks to the use of “long-term medicine”, many people have not only been able to reduce diabetes-related problems. In addition, it has been shown to reduce the symptoms of other diseases directly related to old age.

They also invited him to the Vatican

“Research aims to understand the properties of metformin in delaying age-related diseases, especially cancer and cardiovascular diseases. By 2050, the drug could save Americans up to seven trillion dollars, “Barzilai told It is said that the work of the aforementioned doctor is so recognized that he should be invited by high-ranking officials directly to the Vatican. By lecturing in Rome, he tried to raise funds for further research.

His research, however, also attracted the attention of the chiefs of other large companies that promised financial assistance. In this context, financial subsidies from Google are mentioned. It turns out that if the drug is successfully tested, it can help prolong life not only for rich people. Its price is currently marvelously low and moves at five cents per pill.

Research will verify the anti-age effects of the drug

The miracle pill could reduce the symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart disease. Dr. Barzilai believes that metformin is a real proof of the fight against aging. The problem, however, is that health organizations do not consider aging to be a disease but a normal condition. Because old age is not considered a problem, it is not a reason for treatment.

If the anti-age properties of this drug are proven on a full scale, the door to its research in the pharmaceutical industry could be opened. In this context, researchers agreed on the need for further drug testing, involving approximately three thousand people, men and women aged 65-79, from fourteen countries in the world. The research is for a period of about five years and it is now known that the cost of it will reach $ 70 million.

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