How do I start with active meditation?

The best way to bring active meditation into your life is to start it slowly in everyday life.

The next time you take a shower and wash your face, focus on the present moment. Listen to how water falls on your body and on the floor. Be enchanted by the fragrances of your make-up remover and make sure your feet are firmly on the floor. Pay attention to everything, do not rate it, just register it.

Pay attention to details like the facts we know, but do not discuss further. How do we feel when water drops fall on us? Why does the water give off exactly that sound? What other sounds do you hear in the apartment?

If your mind wanders to your duties anyway, do not worry, but return to your basic sensory perceptions.

The importance of active meditation is to focus fully on how you work. In public transport, you can focus on how you stand on your back and hold on tight. While jogging, feel your feet reflect and fall to the floor. This is active meditation.

How often do you meditate?

You say the more you are employed, the more you should meditate. But to get results, you need to spend at least ten minutes a day with active meditation. We have tried and the truth is that if you are very thoughtful and your mind struggles with distraction, active meditation will not be easy for you. However, it is worthwhile to check all the benefits.

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