How Cool To Look Even When It’s Cool!

The last days were very challenging. When the person was already mentally set to spring, there were stiff frosts. That is exactly when you hate your coat, jacket, scarf and hat! And it was exactly the same days in Paris that there was a fashion week in Paris and it wasn’t much better there. How did you deal with the popular street style icons?

Visitors to the Paris shows do not play too much for clever burners and prefer comfort. The key to their outfits is either a distinctive color coat or a cleverly interesting hood. Other times, they are assured of a warm sweater, sweater and turtleneck or a large scarf, and can also take a lighter leather jacket or jacket.
The current street outfits also reflect a number of trends. Again in Paris, the berets that Dior introduced last year were seen in style again and have been coming back ever since. There were plaid coats, wide trousers, vertical stripes, narrow cat goggles, trendy spring colors and obligatory sneakers. As you can see, even when it’s cold, you can still be cool. But we are already looking forward to spring!

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