Five tips for beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.

Beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes can be achieved more easily than you think. When adjusting eyebrows, put on a natural look that supports growth sera and rubbish. Algae will again suit a suitably chosen mascara that will not stick them together. Just a little and your eyebrows and eyelashes will be in great shape.

A clear and penetrating view can be an effective female weapon. Therefore, it is not appropriate to underestimate the selection of mascara and choose the one that will best suit your needs. apply it only in two, at most three layers. If you survive with its application, combine the excess color with a brush.

Combing eyelashes in small layers

The brushes that are supposed to extend the lashes work the same as with the combs so that the lashes can be ripped from root to tip. If you need to deliver volume instead of length, reach for a bushy brush with long and unevenly placed bristles. Apply mascara with short and fast movements. A healthy selection of mascara and growth serum will help healthy and beautiful lashes.

Very fine lashes are those that have a rubber brush, a dense turn a larger brush with the bristles away from each other, which extends them. Rounded mascara, or those that have a conical shape, lift up the lashes.

Extended length

Hardly any woman has algae that have the proper size and length. A variety of mascara, artificial eyelashes or sticking eyelashes solve this problem for a while. Try sera and lash boosters to make them thick and longer. Their application is simple and easy to use at home. Quality sera also contain caring and moisturizing ingredients such as vitamins, peptides and other important algae nutrients.

Tape pulling

Well placed and shaped eyebrows can work wonders. Soften the angular face, lower the too high forehead, round out the roundness. The look of the eyebrows can make your face look more beautiful, add style, neatness. But it can also cause negative emotions in others and destroy the overall impression. The only rule of adjustment that we should follow is: í the eyebrows should have a rising character and ⅓ descending. Eyebrow Hair Removers are a good alternative for those who don’t like tweezers.

If you don’t have enough patience to tear your eyebrows with tweezers or do you know how to do it? Don’t despair. Special depilatory tapes may be the way to the dream shape. All you have to do is place them in the place where the eyebrows rise from two-thirds (from the inner corner of the eye) and from the third they fall, smooth and jerk. Unwanted hair disappears literally per second, even the less visible ones, including the roots.

We powder more and more

Eyebrow and pencil paints are a reliable way to highlight your eyebrows, especially for blondes and women with a lighter complexion. But the current styling hit is also an eye shadow powder. Their application is simple, fast and the result looks natural. Just brush your eyebrows with the brush to the desired shape and apply a shaded brush to a place where you are missing. Draw the correct eyebrow length and fill your eyebrows with smaller strokes. Finally, brush through the brush again.

Oil on thick eyebrows

Not all of us can enjoy having their eyebrows thick enough. As well as thin eyelashes and eyebrows, a variety of sera that support its growth will help. They contain castor or argan oil, keratin, hyaluronic acid and other nutrients. Nowadays, the biggest successes are those with Caribbean coral coral extract.

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