Five mistakes that spoil you with a restful sleep

You didn’t have coffee in the evening, you darkened your bedroom, switched from a horror movie to a more enjoyable and quieter show, and still keep turning in bed and can’t sleep? Maybe you can do even more to sleep.

“Some habits you don’t even know could sabotage your sleep,” leaving Dr. K. L. Knutson, a sleep specialist from the University of Chicago.

One sleepless night can ruin the next day, but a chronic, long-lasting lack of sleep can hurt you much more.

If you sleep poorly and poorly, you are more at risk of diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and you are also at risk of weight gain. Sometimes you unknowingly spoil the chances of a good sleep alone.

“Some habits you don’t even know could sabotage your sleep,” says Dr. Kristen L. Knutson, a sleep specialist from the University of Chicago.

Coffe and tea

You already know that coffee or tea (other than herbal) is not at all suitable for bedtime. However, Dr. Joan Salge Blake of Boston University says there is a need to monitor what you drink also in the afternoon. If you like to drink a cup of fruit tea that contains caffeine after work around 4 pm, or indulge in a drink of lemonade, you will give your body a sufficient amount of caffeine to make you sleep in the evening.

Sleep will also be prevented by an afternoon drink to promote energy, which you should not drink after two o’clock in the afternoon to get the effect of the energy drink fading into the evening. If you have insomnia, you should drink your last coffee around lunch.

TV, mobil, tablet …

You should just sleep in the bedroom, not spend time watching TV, working on the computer or playing with cell phones. Do you need to send a few emails before going to bed? Leave it to the morning, Dr. Knutson advises.

Writing in bed can energize you, so when you turn off your computer you will have trouble falling asleep. For a good night’s sleep, unplug at least one hour before bedtime and turn off your mobile phone or smartphone.

Alcohol reduces deep sleep

A glass of wine or beer at bedtime will help you relax and fall asleep faster, but the other half of sleep will be unsatisfactory and poor quality and you will wake up tired and energy free in the morning.

“Alcohol reduces deep sleep and increases excitement,” explains Dr. John E. Brown of the University of Maryland. If you do not have a drink of your favorite alcohol in the evening, have one of your best dinners around 6 pm so that the effects of alcohol can wane before you lie down.

Too rich and fat dinner

Too rich and fat dinner won’t let you fall asleep, but Dr. Blake says there are meals that can help you in the dream realm. For example, wholegrain pasta with fresh vegetables, a few pieces of chicken, tomato sauce and a little parmesan are a good dinner.

This dish contains a suitable combination of protein and tryptophan – an amino acid that is converted into serotonin in the body to help you sleep. Other combinations of healthy carbohydrates and proteins such as milk or yogurt with cereals will serve just as well.

Who wouldn’t like to lie in a bath full of hot water. But a hot bath before bedtime can cause you to roll over and not be able to sleep.

Dr. J. Todd Arnedt, Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine The University of Michigan program explains that anything that raises your body temperature just before bedtime can prevent you from falling asleep. The body needs to cool to a certain temperature before sleeping. You should therefore treat yourself to a pleasant bath a few hours before going to bed.

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