Extend your life by three years

Why do we actually do sports? Most of us would answer the truth: I want to lose weight. I want a figure, butt, thigh, stomach, shoulders …All this is good. But in fact, we should move to be healthy and in good shape at an older age. If possible, without pain …

Small steps !

According to researchers, small changes in everyday life already contribute to the necessary training program that is so important for a healthy life. Prefer stairs in front of an elevator, go up in an office from a chair as often as possible, go home or work by walk. Weekly thanks to these activities. What dou you prefer? Walk to the bus stop or 30 minute walk with dog? Prefer stairs to lift daily !

Movement extends life

Six thousand people were involved in the new Vitality Health study and looked at them for 12 months. Their task was to do sports every week – 150 minutes. It comes out 21 minutes a day. Before and at the end of the study, the researchers calculated “vitality age” for each participant. It has been shown that the life span of these volunteers has been extended by three years.

What did they usually fail?

The study also focused on why the participants failed it, and their resolutions failed. There was a reason for “some time for training” primarily in the ranking, the money was second (expensive high school entrance fee), the third reason was that the sport did not actually bring fun.

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