Do you thin better in warm or colder temperatures ?

Men prefer lower temperatures

The results of the men were better when the room temperature was lower. Most of them fired at less than 20 degrees. The feeling of well-being should be decisive for performance, according to the authors of the study.

Women have less muscle and thinner skin, so they are often cold. And that’s not all, women are supposed to think better at higher temperatures. Good news at the beginning of summer for woman. Women can think more clearly in warm weather. Best when it’s about 30 degrees, the study says.

The female brain is most productive at 30 degrees

For many, 30 degrees is too much, but science is science. A study at the University of South California and the Research Center for Social Research in Berlin has underlined the thermal and mental performance of more than 500 women and men. There were arithmetic and language games with different room temperatures. The female volunteers were better off with each and every grade, with between 30 and 33 degrees in the best form.

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