Do it this way and lose weight automatically and without diet

It’s just a small thing, thanks to this change we couldn’t just lose weight, but also much better live!

Rule 30 times

If we were to change one thing in eating, it would not only make us much less obese, but also fewer cases of diabetes, indigestion and metabolic disorders. It sounds good, but is it true? What is the mysterious solution? It’s easy – every 30 minutes, but really every bit.

We will eat less

Because of the right chewing, we automatically eat less because we will pay attention to the feeling of fullness. After all, the stomach will only give us information after 20 minutes that it is enough, it is enough – we usually eat much more than we needed to eat so quickly.

Risk of diabetes

In addition, it is possible to improve blood sugar levels: If the food stays in the mouth for a long time, the sugar level will increase more slowly – thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

We also help digestion

In addition, this style contributes to digestion: Since saliva and chewing are the first step in food processing – but if we eat too fast, we create pressure on stomach and intestines, which must be more difficult to fight, which can cause abdominal pain and swelling. When frequent ruminants have saliva time, share the food in advance with different ingredients.

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