Can not you sleep? Try to concentrate!

Insomnia is a big problem with all its consequences. It is the cause and at the same time the result of stress, depression, fatigue and many other diseases of civilization. “I think most of our illnesses and nausea would disappear if we could sleep well, just like people a hundred years ago, who slept on average two hours longer,” says meditation teacher Harry Halwarsson.

The body, according to an Swedish meditation teacher, has the natural ability to seek balance. “When we get tired, he prepares us to sleep. Meditations are effective because they help to stop chronic mental activity that prevents you from falling asleep, ”says Halwarsson in his book Fast Meditation for Calming Body and Mind.

“I myself regularly meditate both before falling asleep and trying to fall asleep again after waking up in the middle of the night. Meditation usually doesn’t take more than one to two minutes, ”says Harry.

Even though it sounds paradoxical, the fastest way to sleep is if you start to focus intensively. “Try to make your consciousness as sharp as possible. Only in this way will you stop the wobbly thoughts. ”

Forget sheep counting. Counting exhalations is far better, Harrison says, but you have to focus on him. “You must not lose the thread. Still remember the beginning and the end of every breath and exhalation. ”According to him, the deep concentration goes into relaxation, it is a direct path to the trance states. When you lie, you are sleepy, and yet your mind is deeply focused, it is almost impossible to stay awake, says the mediation teacher.

Another good meditation before bedtime is listening to the sounds of the surroundings, you can play your favorite music.

Whenever you feel exhausted, let yourself take a nap. You just need a place to sit and close your eyes. Exhale, say, “I’m relaxing.” Or, “I’m asleep.” Release the muscles. Feel how your body is heavy and relaxed – try to reach the limit of sleep. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and doing nothing. When time is up, get up and carry on your usual activities.

Falling asleep

Lie on your back – it’s usually the best position. Choose your meditation. Deep breathing, explore your body or sounds. Concentrate maximally, although you will often lose your attention. Focus on details. Even after a mere minute of meditation, you can fall asleep. If you’re still awake, say, “Never mind, at least relax.”

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